Edit: this all occurred in 2017, unless otherwise noted

The first day of treatment has been easy–more of a mental exercise than anything; it’s been exactly two months since my surgery and under ideal circumstances further treatment would have started a month ago. But circumstances are rarely ideal, so I’m getting pretty good at going with the flow.

Treatment days start with radiation in the morning, Monday – Friday, and everyday ends with chemo pills. My pill case is absolutely ridiculous–it’s stressful just filling it up.


Now I’m about one hour from starting my chemo. Figured I’d enjoy some ice cream, followed by Sleepytime tea. Add to those a shower, some light reading, and it should be enough to keep the nerves down. Feeling anxious and hopeful that tomorrow morning I’ll feel no different than I did this morning, and will be one day closer to the end of radiation (6 weeks total), and one day closer to the end of chemo (14 months total).


Down the hatch and off to sleep…

One thought on “Day 1: Radiation + Chemo

  1. Wow….. so sorry, Steve…. such an eloquent writer…. (I suppose you get that from your mother)….I guess it helps deal with this undeserved and unfair reoccurrence…. hang in!!!!


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