Edit: this all occurred in 2017, unless otherwise noted

Well I rise up with the sun cause it’s risin’ yeah
Another new day and it’s shinin’
Over that hill outside
Shake the sleep out of your eyes
There’s fun to be had
And we can find it yeah


Happy to report that I slept through the night and woke up feeling perfectly normal. I decided to skip the Zofran (anti-nausea) with my morning meds, but grabbed a week’s supply to keep at work.

After dropping off the kids at VBS, we headed north to radiation treatment. The radiation tech was pumping classic rock on Pandora, which nearly masked the whirring of the machines around me. Pink Floyd, CCR, and it was done. Hell, the Pink Floyd song alone was almost long enough to last through the treatment.

Then back south toward work. Did I mention my wife is basically a slave to driving right now? It really sucks to have to ask for help with every little thing, I guess this is how it was as an early teenager, minus the consideration for other people’s time.

Once at work, life returns to normal. When I’m busy, I lose myself in my work, music usually blasting in my headphones. Other than quick conversations about my recovery and progress, it’s just another day at work, and I’m ok with that.

Around lunchtime, I started to notice a slight uneasiness in my head, not exactly nausea, and not quite a headache, but just enough that I decided to try a Zofran. That seemed to fix me right up and the rest of the day has been fine. No, fine doesn’t cut it, it’s been great. I had a fun dinner with the kids, taught them how to iMessage, FaceTime, and locate each other on their devices, then finished the evening relaxing on the patio at dusk to help us all unwind.

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